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Kaskazi Boutique Beach House community programs

Kaskazi Boutique Beach House consider it their obligation to contribute to the villages in their immediate proximity. We, and our clients, are after all the guests of the Digo tribe in the Msambweni area. We work in close cooperation with the villagers guided by our staff who are almost entirely from the villages surrounding Kaskazi Boutique Beach House.

We have over the years targeted the following:

Through the local mosques elderly, students, single mothers and orphans are receiving some support.

In cooperation with the district hospital in Msambweni we have supported renovation of the children’s ward, and the leprosy patients.

Our main focus is improvement of local schools. We are providing  desks in several schools (the pupils sit on the dirt- or clay floors) So far we have facilitated desks for more than 1,200 pupils. All desks are produced locally. Kaskazi Beach House also has paid for girl’s toilets in two schools, roofing, and renovation of staff rooms as well as installing electricity. 

In the villages water pumps have been repaired and are supporting environmental groups and women groups who wants to improve the conditions in their village.

We encourage our guests and friends to visit the villagers and support key projects that will improve their lives.

Kaskazi Beach Holiday Resort Kenya

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